4 tips for taking good care of your suits


If a man’s home is his castle, a well-dressed man’s wardrobe is his treasure. Like anything of value, the suits, sport jackets, blazers and trousers in your wardrobe need to be treated well if they’re going to last.


That means adopting a maintenance routine designed to prolong the lifespan of your clothing, not shorten it. For instance, most men dry clean their clothes way too often, subjecting them to a harsh chemical that gradually breaks down the fibers of the garment over time.


This chemical, called perchlorethylene (or “perc” in industry-speak) is used to dislodge oils, dust and dirt. Wrinkles are not dirt, so if your suit or jacket is not visibly dirty or stained, there’s really no reason to take it to the dry cleaner.


Instead, use a brush to remove any surface debris (click here) and hang your clothes in a well-ventilated area overnight. This will give the garments time to air out, thus eliminating any lingering odors.


For your trousers, you can use a compression hanger, also called a squeeze hanger, which allows the trousers to hang to their full length rather than being folded in two.

Now if you sweat and are concerned about stains, simply dampen a clean sponge and dab the salt marks away. The same applies to most minor stains, although that red wine you spilled on your white chinos last night is going to require some professional attention ASAP!

To recap, by following these tips, you’ll give your wardrobe some fresh air, let it stretch its legs a bit, and ultimately help it last a lot longer.