Surmesur stands out not just for its custom-made fashion but also for its progressive stance on inclusivity and diversity.

A powerful brand

The women who are increasingly present in our business are at the heart of this innovative brand. The norms that this kind of industry is traditionally a male-dominated arena prove that when it comes to fashion and beyond, gender is no barrier to brilliance.

From the design floor to the boardroom, women at Surmesur lead with creativity, precision, and vision. This collaboration with men takes the brand to new and greater heights. They bring a unique perspective to men’s fashion, understanding that the clientele’s style is not just about the looks themselves but the stories and self-confidence. 

Creative Minds

Surmesur celebrates not only the diversity in its clientele but also in its creators. Catherine Savoie, Vincent Thériault’s wife, has always given the brothers a certain vision, making the team the best one yet in the custom-made industry. 

Women at Surmesur are trailblazers, setting trends and broadening the horizons of what men’s fashion can represent. They are designers, tailors, marketers, and leaders, each thread of their talent contributing to the vibrant mosaic of the brand.

Inclusion & Growth

What truly sets Surmesur apart is its commitment to creating an environment where women don’t just thrive but also lead and inspire. The company champions a culture of growth and learning, where ideas are valued and innovation is nurtured. This ethos empowers women to take the helm in various roles, challenging the status quo and bringing fresh, diverse perspectives.

Redefining Leadership

By fostering a collaborative and supportive workspace, these women encourage others to dream big and work hard, ensuring everyone is valued and works together. Let’s face it: the world is a better place when everyone participates and contributes different ideas and strengths.

Finally, we asked some women in our markets how they felt about working in a fashion field traditionally dominated by men.

Forging your Path


Can you talk about your journey as a stylist at Surmesur?

Being a stylist at Surmesur has helped me find my style and realize that you can go as far outside the box as you want. There are no wrong choices, just what fits for you.

– Abhilasha, Toronto


How do you see the role of women evolving in the custom fashion industry in the coming years?

I believe that sartorial art will become increasingly accessible to women, not just men. Made-to-measure suits will make their way into women’s wardrobes and become a classic, a “must-have” for every woman, just as a good suit is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

– Daphné, Laval


What advice would you give to young women aspiring to enter and succeed in the custom fashion industry?

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, find yours, know yours, and use them to your advantage. If there is an area you are not as strong in, find someone who is and learn from them. Never stop learning, and when people come to you to learn, pass on your knowledge.

– Melissa, Mississauga

Exploring Style


How does your unique perspective as a woman influence your work as a stylist with your male clientele?

Often male clients ask for my opinion on colors and different things because they think women have a better eye for it.

– Danielle, Pittsburgh


What are some challenges you face as a female stylist in a male-dominated field?

Underestimated but slowly becoming appreciated for my perspective. As a heavier-set woman, I constantly have to overcompensate with bold style which yields praise as much as gets me negative comments.

– Kerry, Pittsburgh


What drew you to the world of made-to-measure fashion?

I am always wanting unique custom clothing that actually fits me! Sustainability plays a huge factor when I shop. By creating custom garments for me I am minimizing waste because I am making something that I need that I can’t find somewhere else.

– Carly, Toronto

Woven with Equality

The brand envisions a future where the fashion industry, known for its fierce competition and fast pace, also becomes a beacon of gender equality and empowerment.

There are no limits for us, and anyone can come and wear our clothes.

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