Your wedding is your big day, your outfit should certainly reflect that. The typical wedding attire is a suit and tie; quite a lot can be said on how to style it. Here are 5 ways to nail it.

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Go custom

Opting for a custom wedding suit immediately ensures both fit and comfort, eliminating concerns and errors. Such a choice guarantees the perfect fit for your special day, making your attire uniquely yours. Customization offers endless possibilities, allowing you to dictate the suit’s styling, from a pronounced shoulder to the softer Italian “spalla camicia” option. This approach transforms the suit into something deeply personal, elevating it beyond a mere outfit for your significant occasion. It becomes more than just a suit you wear once; it turns into a cherished garment you’ll want to revisit.

Furthermore, a custom suit allows you to prioritize fabric selection without compromising on cut, style, or fit common limitations of ready-to-wear suits. Custom suiting provides a comprehensive package, ensuring you don’t have to settle for less. For those uncertain about where to begin, choosing a custom option offers the advantage of expert advice from seasoned tailoring professionals.

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Embrace the waistcoat

3 piece suits turn heads, period. It is a style statement as much as a declaration of great taste in menswear. A waistcoat elevates your look for a key reason: it hides your waist, which makes you appear leaner while also providing a visual continuity from head to toe. The added formality is very much welcomed for the celebration

There are also practical reasons to enjoy a waistcoat in your wedding outfit. First, it holds your tie in place, Second, you can skip buttoning the jacket to show the waistcoat, which can provide even more comfort. And finally, for the dancing and late-night celebrations, you can remove the jacket, roll your sleeves, and keep that elegance going. If you dare, you can also choose a contrasting fabric for your waistcoat, which adds some personality to the outfit.

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Add some flair to your ensemble

While the dark suit and white shirt are the obvious choice, that doesn’t mean the wedding outfit must be boring; far from it. This is your big day as well, so adding some personality is the way to go. This is the perfect time for that larger peak lapel or that double-breasted waistcoat you see in elegant venues. The idea is to make the outfit your own and add some personality to it. Monograms are perfect for that purpose, adding the wedding date or your name inside the jacket makes it a unique piece. 

Beyond the suit style, accessories play a big role: pocket square, watch tie and shoes can make the simplest combination unique and your own. Heirloom pieces have that nostalgia and heritage that transcend just their appearance, making them very personal. This is by no means a license to go bold, but rather a way to add some subtle but memorable touches to the outfit.

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Complement your partner and groomsmen

Although wearing the exact same outfit as your wedding party is an option, complementing it is also a possibility. Wearing a different suit in a similar color works well; the groom remains the center of attention, which is perfect for a wedding. Then, wearing the same tie, socks, or pocket squares keeps the group cohesive without being identical.

Coordinating certain elements of your partner’s outfit is also a great way to enhance your own attire. Traditionally, wedding ties come in silver, grey, and black to harmonize with the bride’s white dress rather than the wedding colors. That’s also why the groom’s typical shirt and pocket square are usually white.

A more subtle way to complement your significant other is by matching metals: silver, gold, or rose gold with your cufflinks, watch, or other metallic elements of your ensemble. Matching your socks to your partner’s shoes is also interesting and can be surprisingly aesthetic for photos.

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Keep the venue in mind

Making your choice of suit and accessories must be done while keeping the venue in mind. Even if styled perfectly, a black tuxedo at the beach will look off, but a slight gray or sand-coloured suit with soft shoulders (and perhaps even a waistcoat) will be perfect. Similarly, a sockless coloured linen suit won’t be as dashing in a castle or elegant hotel suite.

Keeping the formality of the venue is essential to get the best results, especially considering the amount of photos that will be taken. Formality will match the city and historic venues best while texture and lighter colours will compliment gardens and beaches better. Outdoor Fall weddings with coloured leaves will make colour and texture look amazing in pictures.

Closing thoughts

Minding your wedding outfit is important for a good result, but also to build some added anticipation for the event. Pondering about your wedding attire does make the experience better. And let’s all face it, nobody regrets looking their best for their big day.

Bonus tip: Mind the proportions

Any wedding usually involves quite a few media nowadays. Knowing that and wanting to look your best, a few tricks can be done to look taller in pictures. Elongating the leg will have that effect. Skipping the cuffs on your trousers will give an impression of longer legs, as well as going for a no-break or slight break hem. Similarly, larger lapels will build up your shoulders, as long as the tie width is sufficient to balance it.

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