Becoming carbon neutral

Over-consumption has social repercussions all around the world as it generates tons of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. At Surmesur, we decided to do things differently.

We give you the opportunity to create a sustainable and ethical way of shopping that allows you to make a positive impact on the environment. For every custom purchase made at Surmesur, we offset its carbon impact by planting trees to help communities around the world. In collaboration with the Eden reforestation project, we allow nature to reboot itself.

Eden Reforestation Project

Our tree planting initiative

Every month, we plant thousands of trees thanks to you! Since the inception of our planting initiative, we have already planted more than 250,000 trees.

  • 1 trees planted

    For every shirt

  • 2 trees planted

    For every trousers or waistcoat

  • 3 trees planted

    For every jacket

  • 5 trees planted

    For every suits

Why did we decide to take action?

As a result of fast-fashion clothing production, large amounts of pollutant emissions are released into the environment and mountains of waste are created every year and this is not something we wanted to be part of.

As a custom maker, we have a different manufacturing mindset. The manufacturing process for custom men’s apparel begins once a customer has placed an order. This significantly reduces the environmental footprint created by returns, refunds and unsold inventory that affects the ready-to-wear industry. With 11 years of hard work, Surmesur was able to reduce its waste to 2.5% of the merchandise sold, well below the industry average of 20 to 30%.

Fight deforestation with Surmesur

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