Surmesur has been helping men stand out with the perfect formal wear for years, but did you know that our stylists can also help you design your casual wear?

Comfort and style guaranteed

Whether you’re looking for a sporty blazer for happy hour, a flannel shirt for a weekend at the cottage, or a new pair of high-quality jeans to last you for years, our casual tailored clothing offering is sure to please.

Simply Jean-ius

Made to the highest standards of Sartorial craftsmanship and designed to fit you perfectly according to your preferences, our custom jeans are sure to elevate your style to the next level by becoming one of the centerpieces of your cooler, more relaxed wardrobe.

You deserve jeans with an impeccable fit! By designing jeans to fit your posture and body shape, you can finally say goodbye to crotch rips and tears or jeans that become loose after just a few washes.

Deven - Stylist


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