We are delighted to make an official announcement of our collaboration with the iconic orchestra Les Violons du Roy.


Two Worlds Aligned

Music and fashion, two art forms that seem worlds apart, have effortlessly come together in our recent collaboration with Les Violons du Roy, celebrating the majestic sartorial elegance of their internationally renowned Music Director, Jonathan Cohen. 

This partnership serves as a testament to the power of combining distinct artistic universes, and today we dive deep into how this melody came to be.

Spotlight on Jonathan Cohen

Spotlight on Jonathan Cohen

Before we delve into the nuances of the outfit, it’s worth highlighting the remarkable talent of Jonathan Cohen. As the Music Director of Les Violons du Roy, his palpable passion for classical music is a marvel to behold. 

Navigating the vast expanse of musical genres, Jonathan transitions from baroque opera to classical symphonic repertoires with a fluidity that’s almost poetic. 

However, his genius doesn’t stop with Les Violons du Roy. The world has recognized him as the Artistic Director for the illustrious Handel and Haydn Society and Arcangelo. Plus, he masterfully helms the Tetbury Festival. This maestro’s range and depth in music are awe-inspiring, setting him apart in the world of classical music.

Marrying Sound And Style

Our stylist André’s design was created exclusively for Jonathan. The ensemble is a narrative, a story that tells of the grandeur and elegance that a musician of Jonathan’s stature embodies. The meticulous tailoring, choice of fabric, and intricate details on the ensemble aren’t mere coincidences; they’re carefully curated choices that reflect the depth and nuance of Jonathan’s musical journey.

The suit, in a classic black, gives a nod to the timeless tradition of classical music, an eternal backdrop against which notes come alive. The fit, impeccably tailored, accentuates Jonathan’s stature, mirroring how his music captures attention in a concert hall.  

Featuring a refined Mao collar, this ensemble features metal buttons delicately outlined with a gilded fleur-de-lis, all crafted from 100% Italian wool sourced from the esteemed Vitale Barberis family.

This design is now showcased at classical concerts around the globe, elevating our brand to the world stage.

A Celebration of Fusion

A Celebration of Fusion

Today, we’re not just admiring a garment; we’re celebrating a harmonious fusion of two art forms. Our collaboration with Les Violons du Roy is a testament to the transcendental power of music and fashion.

To our audience, we present not just an outfit but an experience, an emotion, a story of how art, in all its forms, speaks a universal language.

Styled by André

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