Collaborating on the styling of our favourite TV analysts means meeting exceptional people like Dominick Gauthier.

Measuring up to the ambitions of great athletes

We love styling and dressing our favourite TV hosts. It’s always an honour and a fun sartorial challenge to find the suitable fabrics, styles and patterns to make them look their best at every appearance.

Television is not forgiving, after all!

Television is not forgiving, after all!

As a custom clothing provider, we have the opportunity to collaborate on the styling of the hosts covering the Olympics at Radio-Canada. That also means we can meet great athletes and exceptional human beings, just like Dominick Gauthier, a former freestyle skier specializing in mogul skiing.

At the 2020 Summer Olympics, we met him for the first time on the Radio-Canada set. Great guy. Great style. So we took the opportunity to take a few shots of his look of the day, accompanied by Hassoun Camara.

B2TEN: Dare to be great

Seeing the many shortcomings of the Canadian sports system to support our best athletes, he created with Jennifer Heil and JD Miller the B2ten Foundation. This organization supports athletes to offer optimal physical and mental preparation to maximize their potential. With an impressive $35 million raised in the private sector, B2ten has been providing Canadian athletes with optimal coaching to increase their chances of success at the Olympic Games since 2006. As a leader in the organization, Dominick is directly involved in preparing some 20 athletes at each Winter and Summer Olympics.

Olympic expert-analyst at Radio-Canada

Olympic expert-analyst at Radio-Canada

In addition to his involvement with the athletes, he is also a media personality. His primary role is Olympic expert-analyst for Radio-Canada during the Summer and Winter Games. With his critical eye, experience and knowledge, he will share his passion for Olympic sport with us.

And that is where you can all appreciate his refined Surmesur style for the second year in a row, between two sports analyses, of course!

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