Welcome to Surmesur’s Fall-Winter 2023 collection, a true embodiment of Cold-Weather Craftsmanship.


This autumn, allow us to introduce a collection that harmonizes classic menswear with the season’s vibrant transformation. Our expert stylists have meticulously crafted these sought-after styles, each piece tailored to perfection from the highest quality fabrics. 

These garments sing an ode to autumn, ensuring your style resonates with sophistication as the leaves turn.


As winter sets in, we showcase our master tailors’ ability to combine form, function, and fashion to brave the chill. From our signature flannel suits to our warm wool coats, every stitch sings a lullaby to the winter frost. 

These masterpieces, carefully crafted by our stylists, promise to carry you through the colder months in unparalleled elegance.

Our pieces

Frost's Finery

Frost's Finery

From the professional environment to the casual encounters of everyday life, your wardrobe will sing a song of sophistication that echoes throughout the colder months.

Our collection is a testament to the skill of our master tailors and their ability to balance fit, function, and fashion. Step into your Winter Story with Surmesur.

Cadence of classics

Cadence of classics

Our curated selection of essential suits for the modern businessman is cut from warmer wools and beautifully textured flannel wools. 

With darker shades resonating with the rhythms of autumn and winter, these suits are an ode to the cadence of timeless elegance and professionalism.

A cut above the cold

Dare to defy winter with our latest coats impeccably tailored from the finest wools. Our exceptional debut piece, a made-to-measure overcoat crafted from alpaca wool, offers unparalleled quality that sets it apart in a world of its own.

From swift wrap-ups designed for easy on-and-off transitions from car to office, to longer, warmer designs providing a stylish armor against winter’s worst, our array of coats caters to every need. 

The versatility of our fabric selections is expansive, featuring a range of colors, patterns, and weaves to craft a coat truly meant for you—one that will serve as a sartorial companion through winters yet to come. Style these pieces with chunky knit scarves or complement with a pair of leather gloves to conquer winter in style.

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