Foundation 104 and Surmesur, united by a shared passion for innovation and social impact, work closely together to transform communities through unique and significant projects.

What is Foundation 104?

Since day one, Surmesur has always been committed to giving back to its community, engaging in various charitable causes and events. Notably, we donated over $75,000 to the fight against prostate cancer through the sale of an exclusive tie across our store network. In 2018, with the assistance of Catherine Savoie, the company’s Finance Director and Vincent’s wife, the Surmesur Foundation 104 was established to actively support youth education and personal success. 

The foundation successfully conducted several fundraising activities, enabling it to award scholarships to young student-athletes, contribute to the construction of soccer fields in Burkina Faso, and support organizations in the Quebec region. 

Originally founded by Surmesur’s creators, Foundation 104 initially aimed to support the fight against prostate cancer. Over time, its scope expanded to include a multitude of causes, thereby affecting a larger number of people. 

The Foundation’s mission is particularly focused on empowering Quebec’s youth by encouraging them to initiate life-changing projects for themselves and their communities. Through innovative and collaborative projects, the Foundation seeks to inspire and support young people in realizing their ideas, emphasizing personal development and community engagement.

Shared Values

Shared Values

Social responsibility, personal fulfillment, and a commitment to excellence define Foundation 104 and Surmesur. Their collaboration reflects a shared belief in the power of innovation to create lasting positive impacts.

Hand in Hand

Recently, at a team-building activity in collaboration with Echo Sport, a surprise awaited us at the end. After working together to build bicycles, we discovered they were destined for students in a French-as-a-second-language class at St-Malo Elementary School in Quebec. This revelation at the end of the activity added an emotional and significant dimension to our teamwork, highlighting the importance of communication, team spirit, and collaboration. 

At Surmesur, every stitch in our clothing reflects our passion and desire to make a positive contribution to society. Proud of our achievements, we are excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead, convinced that our impact goes far beyond the fashion universe, touching lives and shaping the future.

At Last

The collaboration between Foundation 104 and Surmesur exemplifies how organizations can join forces around shared values to create positive change. We hope our commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and quality serves as an inspiring model for others to follow.

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