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Representing Surmesur means...

Representing Surmesur means...

Exploring the art of ultimate personalization, diving into a world of infinite possibilities, and boldly asserting your style.

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Meet the Marketing team


Our Marketing Director, a poker enthusiast in his free time, orchestrates our campaigns with a mastery that ensures everything runs to perfection.

With an infectious laugh, he makes every moment unforgettable and guarantees that there’s never a dull moment!


She is the ultimate reference for content on social media, radiating a contagious energy that will captivate you.

As Surmesur’s content manager, she’ll work closely with you to target the most effective strategies and boost your online presence.


Johanny, the creative force behind our team, captures the essence of each visual and pushes the boundaries of the conventional.

As a graphic designer, she adds a touch of beauty to our work. As a bonus, her clownish side is sure to put a smile on your face!