Measurements and Alterations

Last modification: June 2023



To get access to your measurements, you must write to [email protected]. The measurements that will be shared with you do not correspond to your body measurements. These measurements are specific to our manufacturing process. SURMESUR does not guarantee that by using these measurements you will get the fit you are looking for by visiting a store that is not a SURMESUR showroom.


If you have been measured by video conference by one of our measurement specialists, or by filling in our self-measurement form, some conditions apply. 

  • Alterations are included up to a certain amount (see table below) depending on the type of alteration required. 
  • The complete garment is not guaranteed and the stylist will assess its necessity on a case-by-case basis.


Alterations fees

Clothing purchased in SURMESUR showrooms can be adjusted free of charge under the following conditions:

  • Shirts: free alterations within 3 months of purchase.
  • Pants, chinos & Jeans: free alterations within 3 months of purchase.
  • Suits, Waistcoats & Jackets: free alterations within 6 months of purchase.
  • SELECT Suits: free alterations within 12 months from the date of purchase.

Charges may apply depending on the adjustments to be made. 

  • If you wish to change the style or design chosen initially, alterations will be at your expense.
  • Alterations fees may apply if measurements have been changed at the customer’s request (by phone, online chat, email, etc.) without their measurements being updated by an in-store measurement specialist or video conference.

If the measurements differ from the product received, adjustments related to measurements will be free of charge. 

Conditions for alterations

  • Garments must be new or freshly laundered before they can be altered.
  • Alterations following a significant weight fluctuation (loss or gain) are not covered by SURMESUR. For more details about the covered weight range, please reach out to your stylist.

Delay for alterations

We strive to complete our alterations within two weeks, but this can be longer in busier months when the demand is higher and our tailors have less availability. 

Alterations guarantee

  • SURMESUR is not responsible if the garment rips during alterations due to previous damage or wear.


SURMESUR will not pay for alterations due to a weight change (loss or gain). If the weight change requires the garment to be remade or altered, the customer will be responsible for the resulting costs. Please contact your stylist for details about which weight variations are covered.

If it has been more than 12 months since your last measurement, or if there has been a change in weight since your last measurement, we strongly recommend that you update your file with your stylist.


If you live far from a SURMESUR showroom but were previously measured by one of our stylists (either in person or online), SURMESUR can reimburse you for the alterations done by your local tailor. All you need to do is provide a valid invoice for the alterations, and SURMESUR will cover the cost up to the specified limits mentioned below:

  • Suit: US$110.00
  • Jacket: US$70.00
  • Trousers: US$40.00
  • Waistcoat: US$35.00
  • Shirt: US$35.00

Has your tailor changed your measurements? Let us know so we can update your SURMESUR account.


Depending on the difficulty of your retouching needs, here are the prices for different retouching services:

Dress & sports shirts

  • Length – shorten: US$23.00
  • Chest/Waist/Seat – take in: between US$41.00 and US$53.00 
  • Back darts: US$18.00
  • Change collar: US$23.00
  • Remove back roll: US$53.00
  • Change/move 1 button: US$2.00/bouton
  • Add 1 snap button: US$6.00/bouton
  • Sleeves – short sleeves: US$21.00
  • Sleeves – change 2 cuffs: US$23.00
  • Sleeves – Lower Armhole: US$47.00
  • Sleeves – take in: between US$35.00 and CA$70.00
  • Sleeves – Shorten length (<1″): US$35.00
  • Sleeves – Shorten length (>1″): US$70.00

Trousers, jeans, chinos

  • Pockets: US$12.00
  • Take off the cuffs: US$35.00
  • Waist – Take in / Let out: US$35.00
  • Waist – Lower waistband: US$105.00
  • Legs – Take in / Let out (4 sides): US$53.00
  • Legs – Take in / Let out (2 sides): US$35.00
  • U-rise – Take in / Let out: US$41.00
  • Seat – Take in / Let out: US$29.00
  • Outseams – Shorten / Lengthen: US$23.00

Jackets, Overcoats

  • Half chest – take in (front or back): US$53.00
  • Length –  shorten: US$105.00
  • Remove back roll: US$35.00
  • Chest/Waist/Seat – let out / let in: between US$29.00 and US$53.00
  • Shoulders – add one shoulder pad: US$35.00$/shoulder
  • Shoulders – Reduce shoulder width: US$105.00
  • Outsleeves – Take in: US$47.00
  • Sleeves – Take in / Let out (inseams): US$23.00
  • Sleeves – Take in / Let out (outside seams): US$47.00
  • Sleeves – Lower armholes: US$70.00
  • Sleeves – Shorten length (<1″): US$47.00
  • Sleeves – Shorten length (>1″): US$140.00
  • Elbow patches: US$50.00


  • Front darts: US$18.00
  • Chest/Waist/Seat – take in: between US$29.00 and US$47.00
  • Length – shorten: between US$53.00$ and US$70.00