The excitement around custom-made is prompting many men to indulge in the joys of customization, a trend that has exploded in recent years. But what are the real advantages of a custom-made suit or shirt?

Wearing a well-tailored suit has more impact than one might think. During a business meeting or a first encounter, it cannot be emphasized enough: first impressions are often lasting, and it is often said that clothes make the man. Don’t you have a say in the creation and cut of your clothes?

A better fit tailored to your body shape

The main advantage of custom-made clothing is that it is tailored to your individual measurements, fitting your unique silhouette. Measurements are taken from A to Z, leaving nothing to chance. There is no identical cut; each one is unique because every client is different.

Everyone has a different body shape, which is important to consider in the creation of garments.

If your silhouette has a particular characteristic, it will no longer be a puzzle to find the suit or shirt that suits you with the desired cut. Whether you are tall, short, slim, or with a larger build, your tailor creates the cut that will suit you.

A skilled tailor reads the many characteristics of your body shape and creates a pattern based on them, something that ready-to-wear can never offer you. For example, a good tailor shapes the pattern of a leg to accommodate strong calves and mask them.

However, made-to-measure is not reserved for specific body shapes. It offers better comfort for everyone and allows us to highlight our assets. Everything is calculated to the nearest 1/8 inch; for example, shoulder seams are in the right place, and the waist is perfectly tailored to your silhouette and, most importantly, to your taste. Made-to-measure is the solution for a perfect fit that meets your needs. It will turn heads towards you and has the power to make you look younger, taller, slimmer, or give you a tailored cut like you’ve never found before.

The personalized experience of custom-made clothing

Of course, customization goes beyond having your initials embroidered on your clothing. The post-sales experience and customer follow-up are typically offered with your custom-made garment. This provides you with better assurance and allows you to archive your favorite fabrics and cuts.

In order to achieve a sublime, unique, and perfectly tailored garment for your silhouette, fittings and adjustments will be made until it is perfect for you.

Custom-made clothing tailored to your needs

It offers a much wider choice in terms of materials and style options. From back vents that adapt to your body shape to functional buttonholes sewn at the bottom of your sleeves, you can choose it all.

You determine the external details, style options, and even the color of your buttons. This way, you can create a style that suits you without compromising your individuality, whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday life.

Moreover, you get to choose both the outer fabric and the inner lining, allowing you to select the composition that provides you with the utmost comfort.

The craftsmanship shines through

Finally, since the custom-made suit and shirt are unique pieces, the craftsmanship becomes paramount.

Behind your custom garment, there is one or more skilled artisans who carry out numerous delicate assembly steps. From the canvas fitting to the final exterior touches, the garment is meticulously created for you, ensuring superior quality.

However, it’s important to note that “Made in Quebec” is not always synonymous with superior quality compared to “Made elsewhere”. Quality can be found in various locations, and it’s essential to focus on the craftsmanship and attention to detail rather than just the place of origin.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of made-to-measure clothing?

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