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Casey Ciocco-Thompson Assistant manager Head Office / Siège social Francois Thériault Co-founder
Pittsburgh Zachary Barzanty Branch Manager Montréal Deven Ye Branch Manager Head Office / Siège social Amanda Lee Product Coordinator / Generalist Toronto (On the road) Ricardo Aureliyo Business Services and On the Road Consultant - Toronto area Québec Murtaza Mirzada Style Consultant
Montréal Marius Plourde District Manager Montréal Christopher Exorphe Senior Style Consultant
Head Office / Siège social Louis-Charles Plante Sales Director Head Office / Siège social Vincent Thériault Co-founder Pittsburgh Cassandra Green Style consultant Head Office / Siège social Jean-Pierre Lachance Marketing & Social Medial Media Specialist

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From our Ambassadors


The Montreal Alouettes

The pretty boys Boris Bede and Tony Washington got themselves custom suits made thanks to Surmesur in the very last episode of the Montréals series presented by TELUSfr.

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