At Surmesur, we take pride in our commitment to partnerships that have a positive impact on people’s lives and promote our brand.

This mission resonates with our core values, and we are proud to be part of this journey.

A colourful 25th anniversary

A colourful 25th anniversary

Every year, Les Oeuvres Jean Lafrance organizes a gastronomic event to celebrate its anniversary. This year, the event marked its 25th anniversary and was hosted by Pierre Jobin, working for TVA Nouvelles. It was on this occasion that we dressed the young boys for the event.

They got to experience Surmesur in its entirety, from design to production, with particular attention to detail. We are convinced that this experience significantly impacts these young boys’ self-confidence, and we are proud to support them on their journey.

Shared values

We are delighted to continue working in partnership with Jean Lafrance and Les Oeuvres Jean Lafrance, as we believe we can significantly contribute to the lives of these boys and the community as a whole. 

This long-term partnership is an important part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our desire to positively impact the world around us.

Complet gris

Complet bleu

Complet vert

"It's truly beautiful to see. We are making a real difference to these young boys."

André - Manager


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