C2 Montreal is the largest creative business event in Canada. It brings together individuals and organizations from various backgrounds, industries, and domains.

Last May, we had the privilege of collaborating with C2 Montréal, the largest creative business event in Canada. It brings together today’s and tomorrow’s creatives, as well as their organizations from various backgrounds, industries, and fields. 

A part of our team had the opportunity to stay in Montréal among these leaders, returning with a head full of ideas and renewal, which we will then infuse into the Surmesur flavour.

Creativity + Commerce

The stay at C2 Montréal is extremely entertaining; Intelligent conferences, creative workshops, and collaboration-focused activities are designed to stimulate imagination, encourage exchanges, and inspire innovation. 

The event showcases renowned global speakers, industry experts, and visionary thought leaders in social change. It is a unique opportunity to learn, network, and develop new perspectives.

Life is more beautiful in coral

Life is more beautiful in coral

We are proud to have created the unique overshirts that make up the uniform for the C2 Montréal volunteer team. In a coral colour, these overshirts were specially designed to stand out from the crowd.

We worked closely with the C2 Montréal team to understand their needs and expectations and align our creative vision with the event’s spirit.

The primary objective was to design functional, comfortable, and aesthetically outstanding overshirts. The coral colour was chosen to reflect the positivity and warm atmosphere of the event. They provided clear visibility for the volunteers who were there to offer their support and expertise.

Vibrant and practical

Vibrant and practical

Finally, every detail was meticulously thought out, from choosing durable and resistant materials to adding functional pockets that allowed volunteers to keep tools and resources they needed within reach throughout their stay.

A meaningful partnership

We share common values, which made this collaboration easy and natural. For example, innovation and creativity are present in the unique and personalized solutions we offer to our clients. 

C2, on their part, also creates carefully designed experiences, ensuring that each element contributes to the overall atmosphere of the event. We converge both in heart and in the way we operate, coming together through the most attentive custom-made approach for our clients.

Lastly, we are proud to have contributed to the C2 Montréal event and brought our touch of excellence through our tailor-made creations. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration and pushing the boundaries of fashion and innovation together.

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