The ideal choice for an active lifestyle, as the fibers’ flexibility makes it less prone to wrinkling.

Why easy-care?

Why easy-care?

The integration of bamboo in the fabric allows for pieces to be wrinkle-resistant and extremely comfortable. Just hang them to dry and go! No iron needed.

Our Bamboo collection

Our stylists love bamboo for its soft feeling but also because it offers unparalleled ease and comfort. Easy to wear in any situation, it’s the freshest fabric of the season!

Stay fresh all day

Offering a wide range of colourful wrinkle-free fabrics, our Tenamo collection is an all-time bestseller, featuring one of the most luxurious fabrics nature has to offer, bamboo.

Bamboo makes this collection perfect for travellers, as non-iron shirts are a godsend for business trips. Even after hours of sitting or crammed into your luggage, your shirt remains wrinkle-free.

Deven - Stylist


The benefits of bamboo

Bamboo fabric is one of the softest fabrics on the planet – you will love the way it feels! It is antibacterial to keep you odour free and its wrinkle-resistant properties make it the ideal choice for every day.

  • Stay Fresh

    Odour-resistant, antibacterial and 40% more absorbent than the finest organic cotton.

  • Keep Your Cool

    Keeps you cool in summer with its thermoregulatory properties.

  • Great Feeling

    Naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating: ideal fabric for sensitive skin.

  • No Iron Needed

    Known for its wrinkle-free, reliable and easy-care properties.