“Every outfit has its perfect shoe’’: such is our philosophy. This motto captures the very essence of our passion for detail, considering each accessory as the finishing touch. And shoes, in this universe, play a pivotal role.

The various shoe models

The Trainer

The Chelsea Boot

The Military Brogue Boot

The Loafer

The Monk or Double Monk

The Whole Cut

The Classic Oxford

The Brogue Shoe

The Velvet Slipper Shoe

A shoe tailored to your style

Enter a world where luxury and comfort come together. Our made-to-measure shoes, handmade in Spain, are the epitome of craftsmanship.

Each pair is a work of art, designed especially for you, using the finest leathers and the highest quality soles. For every pair, we are using the finest leathers and the highest quality soles.

You have several options. From the soles to the tips of your toes, you’ll never again have to wear shoes that are too big and cause blisters, or a shoe that’s too tight to make your blood run cold.

Find your new companion

We are proud to introduce our new creations, from the sole to the upper, each model is designed to dazzle you.

Discover the future of customized footwear, where each pair has its own story…

  • The Sneaker

    Inspired by the world of sports, the sneaker combines comfort and style. Its lightness and versatility carry you both on the field and into the evening. An evolution of the sneaker, the Trainer transforms for urban streets, seamlessly blending comfort and class. Originally from Spain, and take their name from the Spanish word «esparto», which refers to a fiber plant used to make the woven part of the shoe.

    They were originally simple, lightweight shoes worn by workers and peasants in 13th-century Spain. They were made from natural materials, such as jute for the sole and cotton or canvas for the upper. These shoes were comfortable and ideal for warm climates, making them a popular choice among outdoor workers.

  • The Chelsea Boot

    The Chelsea boot is a timeless classic. Born from the foggy alleys of London, it is much more than a boot; it’s a legacy of sleek, modern style, marked by the presence of an elastic on each side.

    It first gained popularity during the Victorian era following the invention of vulcanized rubber. It then became an iconic element of 1960s fashion and still holds a privileged place in both men’s and women’s footwear.

    Its timeless silhouette suits the urban aesthete, looking for a touch of vintage in a constantly evolving world.

  • The Military Brogue Boot

    Every detail and every perforation tells a story of bravery. A shoe that recalls battlefields but is designed for the urban jungle, combining power and flair.

    Brogues, originally, were shoes worn by inhabitants of the moors in Scotland and Ireland. The perforations were practical: they allowed water to drain when wearers crossed wet terrains. Over time, what was initially a functional feature became a design element.

    Finally, in a civilian context, brogue boots are popular for their rugged elegance. They are often associated with a masculine and sophisticated image.

  • The Loafer

    The Loafer, with its ease of slipping on, answers the call of spontaneity, for those eager to start their day without being fussed about their style.

    It goes with everything and is a highly reputable shoe. This style has persisted as a staple of men’s footwear since the 1950s, embodying the Ivy League style.

    Some models still existing today feature a slot on the top of the shoe, initially designed to hold a coin when a few were enough for a phone call. We have multiple models, like Penny, Tassel, Horsebit, and plain loafers.

  • The Monk or Double Monk

    Originating from European monasteries, the Monk offers a unique closure with one or two buckles. Heirs to tradition, these shoes are for those who dare to stray from the beaten path.

    Whether it’s the uniqueness of the Monk or the boldness of the Double Monk, each buckle is a nod to individuality. Our Double Monk is designed with a reinforced toe, with or without a medallion. The simple monk has a wing-shaped toe without a medallion (also called blind brogue).

  • The Whole Cut

    Pure elegance. Crafted from a single piece of leather, this shoe is a celebration of minimalism. It is THE shoe for positive leaders, for a minimalist look. This type of shoe is worn with closed lacing and is often paired with a tuxedo. In short, it’s the crème de la crème.

    As for their manufacturing, each pair is the result of a meticulous artisanal process. The finest leathers are selected and cut with precision. This attention to detail ensures not only an impeccable aesthetic but also exceptional comfort, making each step as confident as it is stylish.

  • The Moc Flex Sport

    Discover the Moc Flex, a remarkable innovation that combines the timeless comfort and casual style of loafers with flexible athletic features perfect for an active lifestyle.

    With its flexible and adaptable upper in unlined Italian suede, this shoe offers an unrivaled feel, promising a unique walking experience and unprecedented adaptability. The sturdy, supportive sole adds to its sporty versatility, making this sporty shoe the ideal choice for those who value both comfort and lifestyle.

  • The Classic Oxford

    Born in the halls of Oxford University, this type of shoe is the very essence of sophisticated footwear. Since the 20th century, the Oxford has become the shoe of choice for businesspeople, politicians, and generally for all formal occasions.

    Over the years, various versions of the Oxford have emerged, including the “Brogue” Oxford with its decorative perforations. This shoe is a staple in the wardrobe of every modern man.

    If you’re unsure where to start with shoes, this pair is the one you need. Its designs are simple, yet extremely trendy, enduring over time and suitable for any style.

  • The Brogue Shoe

    The brogue shoe and brogue boot, although from the same stylistic family, are distinguished by their characteristics and functions. Brogue shoes, with their decorative perforations and elegant finesse, are ideal for polished outfits and the most dressier occasions. They are often chosen to complete an outfit to add a more casual touch yet, you will be the more original man in the room. 

    In contrast, brogue boots, recognizable by their high-top construction and sturdiness, are designed to provide more support and longevity. Perfect for cooler seasons or a casual-chic look, they maintain the refined aesthetic of brogues with their perforated details, while adding a practical and durable dimension.

  • The Velvet Slipper Shoe

    Originally from Scotland and traditionally accessible only to the aristocratic class, this shoe has become especially popular for weddings. Often, the initials of the married couple are delicately inscribed on the front of the shoe, adding a personal touch.

    Comfortable, it feels like walking on a cloud, thanks to its thoughtful design. This versatile shoe can be worn with or without socks, complementing any outfit, which is part of its unique charm.

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