Surmesur offers a fast and high-quality clothing alteration service in each of its boutiques. Having your clothes tailored is an excellent way to achieve a perfect fit.

Do you have shirts, pants, or suits that you never wear because you don’t like their fit? Do you need a second opinion on the fit of your off-the-rack shirts or suits? Would you like to breathe new life into a neglected old piece?

From simple pant hemming to altering your favorite jacket after a weight change, we’re here to make sure you always look your best. Our skilled measurement specialists and expert tailors will ensure that your clothes fit you perfectly!

Our alteration turnaround time is fast, and our team is ready!

Our clothing alterations services

Continue to wear your favorite pieces for a fraction of the cost of a new wardrobe by having your garments adjusted as needed. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:



1. Take in or let out

2. Replace buttons
We can replace the buttons on your suit or jacket to match the style you’re looking for.

3. Shorten sleeves
When your arms hang by your sides, about half an inch of your shirt should be exposed. We can help you achieve the ideal sleeve length.

4. Adjust jacket lenght
In general, it should be long enough to cover your buttocks.



1. Adjust waist
The waist of your pants can be widened or narrowed. In short, you should be able to stand, sit, and walk comfortably.

2. Replace buttons

3. Taper leg

4. Lengthen or shorten
The pants that you find too tight or long can be easily altered.

5. Repair cuff
When adjusting the length of your pants, we can also repair or add a cuff to give you a more modern look.



1. Replace collars and cuffs
The collar and cuffs of shirts can be replaced with white ones for better contrast.

2. Replace buttons
You can make your shirt even more beautiful than when you bought it by adding more elegant buttons.

3. Take in
We will determine the best fit for you based on your body shape.

4. Shorten length
The length of your shirt can be shortened by a few inches for a better fit.

5. Shorten sleeves
The sleeves of a dress shirt can be shortened by an inch or two.

Alterations to the rescue!

Your entire wardrobe should fit you perfectly. Therefore, alterations are sometimes essential to ensure that your clothes flatter you. Visit us to have a custom suit or even an off-the-rack suit adjusted.

During your free consultation, our measurement specialists will be able to assess your fit, adjust your garments, and provide you with a cost estimate for any necessary modifications.

Out of respect for our tailors, we kindly ask you to bring clean garments for alterations.

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