Our Toronto team took part to an exciting workshop with College of Sports Media students in Toronto, focusing on how to look sharp on screen.

Styling for the Screen

Styling for the Screen

With future sports broadcasters in mind, we dived into style basics, colour theory, and the nuances of dressing for the camera.

Our session started with an in-depth look at what works on camera and what doesn’t. We emphasized the importance of colour theory and how different hues complement various complexions – a crucial skill for anyone appearing on screen.

Their real-world experience added depth to our discussion, illustrating how style can impact a broadcaster’s presence and confidence.

Interactive Contest

Interactive Contest

Style isn’t just theory; it’s hands-on. So, we challenged the students with a contest – a fun and engaging way to apply what they’ve learned.

The students were grouped into teams, each tasked with styling an outfit. But the twist was in the details: each member had to master the art of tie-tying. The contest was a hit, with teams showcasing creativity and attention to detail.

Our Toronto team reviewed each outfit, providing constructive feedback and tips.

The winning team demonstrated exceptional skill in tie-tying, earning a well-deserved reward – a free Surmesur shirt for each member!

Fashion Meets Function

Fashion Meets Function

At Surmesur, we believe that style is a journey, and we’re thrilled to be a part of these students’ journeys into the world of sports media.

Whether on-camera or behind the scenes, we know these future broadcasters will carry these lessons with them, blending style and substance as seamlessly as a perfectly tied tie.

Stay tuned for more collaborations and style tips from Surmesur – where fashion meets function, on and off the camera.

We're always happy to work with students. Sharing knowledge is one of our greatest strengths.


Takeaway and Future Collaboration

The workshop wasn’t just about learning to tie a tie or picking the right shirt.

It was about understanding the power of personal presentation, especially in a dynamic field like sports media.

As we wrapped up, we spoke about the potential for future collaborations, hinting at exciting possibilities for these budding sports broadcasters and Surmesur.

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