At the heart of every modern wedding lies a blend of traditional elegance and unique personal touches, and Hotel Monaco recently played host to just such a blend.

Elegance Meets Personalized Touch

Elegance Meets Personalized Touch

Style is often a fusion of the conventional with the individual. While Jamie looked ethereal in her exquisite lace gown from Pronovias, sourced from Bridal Beginning, Jake struck a balance between classic and personal. 

He donned a custom suit from Surmesur with an unexpected floral printed lining and tie. And for those wondering about a timeless piece of advice: a classic black peak-lapeled suit never fails to impress. 

It offers the wearer an air of sophistication and is a testament to timeless fashion. Jake’s sartorial choice effortlessly combined this classic advice with his flair, resulting in a look that was uniquely his own.

Crafting the Dream Wedding

Elegance, class, and personal touches were the cornerstones of Jamie and Jake’s wedding. They envisioned a setting that was minimalistic yet lavish, focusing on hues of white, and gold, and accents of greenery.

Hotel Monaco, especially the opulent Emperor Suite, was a perfect canvas for this vision. The memories etched during the bridal party preparations became some of Jamie’s most cherished moments.

Incorporating timeless style advice with personal preferences can truly elevate a wedding.

Moments To Treasure

Moments To Treasure

The anticipation-filled first look was a highlight for Jamie. Witnessing Jake, not just in his custom suit, but embodying the age-old style advice of a classic black peak-lapeled suit, was a sight she had eagerly awaited. 

Their city photoshoot became even more special with spontaneous cheers and blessings from passersby.

The culmination of all their planning was the moment Jamie walked down the aisle, the glow of the venue complemented by the warmth of their loved ones. It was a poignant reminder that the effort behind orchestrating such an event is rewarded tenfold by the memories it creates.

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