The Magic of Custom-Made Meets the Spotlight: Surmesur and Les Chanteurs Masqués

Chanteurs Masqués X Surmesur

Chanteurs Masqués X Surmesur

From the onset of “Les Chanteurs Masqués”, we’ve had the delight of collaborating hand-in-hand with Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge. Thanks to the enchantment of our dynamic Montreal team and the creative touches of Andrew McNally, his personal stylist, we crafted a series of outfits that seamlessly blend originality and sophistication.

With Guillaume at the heart of this journey, every suit came to life. Each piece, influenced by Andrew McNally’s avant-garde vision and the meticulous craftsmanship of Stylist Deven from Surmesur, tells a tale.

These outfits aren’t merely clothing; they mirror Guillaume’s immense talent, enhancing his stage presence and allowing him to shine brighter than ever.


A Little Bit About Guillaume

A Little Bit About Guillaume

At 47, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge is an indisputable figure in the Quebecois artistic landscape. A renowned actor, talented producer, and cherished host, his versatility has charmed audiences for decades.

Alongside Émilie Bégin, his partner both on-screen and in life, they make a radiant and close-knit duo. Over the years, Guillaume has garnered success in both film and television, solidifying his status as a true icon.

His stint on “Les Chanteurs Masqués” showcased another side of his talent, all while being elevated by outfits tailored just for him.

Today, through this collaboration with Surmesur, he highlights the significance of detail and personalization in self-expression.

We're revealing Guillaume's standout outfits across three seasons, one at a time. Brace yourself to be entranced and captivated, as this union underscores our unmatched creativity.


Unveiling the Top 5 Looks

Unveiling the Top 5 Looks

Here are 5 of the public’s favourite looks over the seasons!

Imagine a blank canvas. Now, envision that canvas transformed into an exquisite masterpiece by a maestro’s hand.

The purple suit, adorned with details reminiscent of floral artwork, is undoubtedly the pinnacle of this collaboration. The shawl collar adds a dash of elegance, while the concealed tuxedo shirt offers a nuanced touch of sophistication.

And the finishing touch? A bow tie reminiscent of Hollywood’s glamorous evenings. Guillaume has never looked more stylish!

When the futuristic marries the traditional, the result is a stylistic innovation masterpiece. The metallic suit radiates class, splendidly contrasting with the fine burgundy stripes.

Every detail is impeccable: the four-sleeve buttons elevate the ensemble, offering unparalleled sophistication. But the collarless black shirt truly steals the show, introducing an unexpected twist. 

And the best part? Guillaume doesn’t even need a tie or bow tie; the suit is complete in itself. In this outfit, Guillaume doesn’t just follow trends; he defines them. A daring look for daring souls.


Some outfits capture the very essence of magnificence, and Guillaume’s white tuxedo is the embodiment of this radiant elegance. With a refined shawl collar, it takes us back to glamorous evenings of yore while reimagining them for today. 

The bow tie, adorned with delicate red patterns, invites us to delve into the details, unveiling a rich narrative with every glance. And the true head-turner? The oblique pockets are framed in bold black, creating a striking contrast with the tuxedo’s purity.

Once again, Guillaume showcases that a tuxedo isn’t just a piece of clothing, but a timeless symbol of sophistication.

The midnight blue velvet wraps around Guillaume like a fragment of a starlit sky. The intriguing dark purple collarless shirt hides a secret: a delicately upturned shawl collar. 

But what truly elevates this look? The avant-garde ornamentation that sparkles on the suit’s front, exudes chicness and top-tier elegance. It’s the type of outfit that doesn’t seek attention but commands it. A sartorial star in the fashion galaxy.

Enchanting and soft, the purple comes alive in this three-piece suit punctuated with fine white stripes. Guillaume dares with a triple buttoning, an audacious and rare choice, but it’s in his nature to be original.

While exuding undeniable elegance, this outfit also has a laid-back vibe that sets it apart from the rest. It’s not just a look; it’s a statement: fashion can be both chic and relaxed. Once again, Guillaume proves that being different is the real chic.


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