Surmesur is driven by human experience, love of clothing and personal development.

Our expertise

We are expert stylists who thrive on creating custom clothing designed to truly reflect our clients’ aspirations and lifestyle. Check out our playbook to learn more about our culture.

We believe our customers' experience is what truly sets our brand apart.

Vincent & François - Founders


Meet the team


The marketing department, made up of four members ready to rise to any challenge, is responsible for promoting our products, raising the profile of the brand and enhancing the value of our partnerships through various campaigns and initiatives, highlighting our commitments and our vision.

Marketing DirectorJean-Pierre Lachance

Social Media CoordinatorAnne-Marie Bellavance

Graphic DesignerJohanny Gastonguay

Graphic DesignerCamille Légaré


The Operations department ensures that all aspects of production and logistics are efficient and meet the needs of our customers. They oversee the supply chain to ensure the smooth running of the whole company. They are our rare gems!

Director of OperationsMarius Plourde

Training and DevelopmentDeven Ye

Organizational DevelopmentJulie Mailhot

Supply and LogisticsSarah Laverdière


The administration department manages internal policies and stakeholder relations, ensuring that all business practices respect our values. They also ensure that the whole company feels comfortable and supported in their projects and relationships with colleagues.

Finance DirectorMélanie Clavet

Accounting AssistantSarah Boye

Showrooms / Fashion MVPs

Our showrooms reflect our commitment to quality and innovation. Our expert stylists offer high-quality products while delivering an exceptional customer experience. Customer meetings are personalized from start to finish, highlighting the idea and the person, and making sure everyone feels the most confident at their event or wedding.

Sales DirectorHaseeb Khan

Administration Board

Cofounder, accounting and HRCatherine Savoie

CofounderVincent Thériault

CofounderFrançois Thériault

Always encourage people to give their best.

Our history

Surmesur was founded in 2010, in Quebec City, by two brothers François and Vincent Thériault, with the hopes of creating a new shopping concept for men everywhere. The vision behind their original concept of made-to-measure clothing for men was to provide the perfect marriage of traditional tailoring and technological innovation resulting in the perfect fit.

  • Quebec

    The Thériault brothers launched a business by introducing a new shopping experience located in Quebec City.

  • Montreal

    Surmesur is opening its second store in the heart of Montreal. This larger, more modern store will welcome our clients directly downtown.

  • Toronto

    Surmesur is opening its third store in downtown Toronto. At the same time, the company is launching an online store at

  • Ottawa

    A fourth store is opening in downtown Ottawa. Simultaneously, the administrative team is doubling in size, necessitating a redesign of the headquarters.

  • Laval

    Surmesur expanded to Laval in the fall of 2015 to meet high demand in the Montreal region. Our largest store to date opened on Boulevard le Corbusier.

  • Mississauga, Pittsburgh, Chicago

    In 2016, Surmesur opened a store in Mississauga just weeks after launching its first stores in the United States, in Chicago and Pittsburgh.

  • Vancouver

    The company expands westward with the opening of its first franchise in Vancouver, British Columbia. This marks Surmesur’s expansion from coast to coast.

  • Mexico

    Surmesur takes a significant step forward by expanding its concept into Mexico. A team is formed to offer our services in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Torreón.

  • New image

    With a team of fashion enthusiasts, the company embarks on rebranding efforts for its 10th anniversary, along with modifications to its offerings.

  • Waterloo

    Surmesur continues its expansion in Ontario with the opening of a new store in Waterloo.

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