We are a team of expert stylists who strive to create custom garments that truly reflect our clients’ aspirations.

Why Surmesur?

We encourage our team to think creatively and always work towards building an inspiring and innovative custom clothing brand. In addition to a competitive salary, we offer continuous training, clothing allowances and a really fun environment to work in.

  • Human experience

    We build meaningful relationships with our teams and clients. This helps us always remain attentive to everyone’s needs and ensures we truly understand what people are looking for in our products, in everyday life and in everything we do. We also know that hard-working people need time to let loose, so we always find time to have some fun!

  • Sartorial love

    We build wardrobes, we build dreams, we build empowerment. We believe that the love for all things sartorial is truly at the heart of what we do. It allows us to challenge ourselves, represent who we are and find our own style!

  • Personal development

    We build careers where our team can improve their leadership skills. We aim to provide the necessary resources and create a thriving culture of sartorial experts. We want to make sure that our team and our clients also profit from the benefits of building their own personal image.

Working at Surmesur allows me to express myself artistically and to pursue my passion for menswear. Magic is part of the Surmesur experience for clients and employees alike!


Thanks to Surmesur’s constant growth and its willingness to explore new markets, every day is different and presents new challenges that help me to develop personally and professionally.


What I love most about Surmesur is its inclusiveness. The size of the client’s wallet doesn’t determine the level of service they get. We sincerely help our customers because it’s part of our culture.

Peter Martineau

I like the atmosphere in the store, which is inspired by the passion Style Consultants have for menswear, creativity and personalized service.


Surmesur is about open-minded, innovative and proactive teamwork that inspires your creativity and allows you to be yourself. It’s a big family where you share ideas, strive for continuous improvement and create awesome clothes!


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About us

Our core values

Our core values allow us to thrive in every situation and truly reflect who we are.

  • Be creative

    Thinking outside the box and innovating every day.

  • Take action

    Being proactive and committed to everything we do.

  • Be better

    Strive to learn more and constantly improve in your work and as a person.

  • Have fun

    Having fun allows you to be better every day!

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