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Unlike traditional jackets, this sleeveless marvel allows total freedom of arm movement, making it the ultimate choice for outdoor enthusiasts, especially during transitional seasons when a full jacket can feel stuffy.

This exceptional piece isn’t limited to fall and spring; it easily transforms into a second layer under a coat, offering year-round adaptability.

Whether you layer it over a cozy sweater, a classic flannel shirt with jeans, or wear it on its own, our quilted jacket effortlessly completes your outfit.

Made with the same ecological insulation from recycled bottle fibers as our other pieces, it embodies sustainability and innovation.

This quilted jacket is not only a practical choice, it’s also a timeless style statement that adds a touch of vintage cool to any wardrobe.

Style Advice

Style Advice

We’ve worked hard to perfect its fit, resulting in a slim, sporty silhouette with a slimmer body and shorter length, perfect for layering or wearing solo.

Whether you choose to wear it in place of a jacket or combine it with a t-shirt or knit sweater and leisure pants or jeans, this jacket is designed to make a style statement.



Introducing our state-of-the-art fleece parka, a real revolution for the coldest months of the year.

This masterpiece of outerwear features a stylish, adaptable hood with concealed zippers to protect your essentials, plus two interior pockets.

What really sets our Parka apart is its ingenious storm flap feature on the top closure, allowing you to zip and button securely when the winds start to blow, guaranteeing unrivalled protection against the most aggressive environmental elements.

Our parka’s water-resistant wool construction adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring you stay dry even when Mother Nature decides to be temperamental.

Style Advice

Style Advice

Designed for those who demand both style and functionality, our Parka pairs perfectly with a casual outfit of t-shirt and jeans, or pairs perfectly with a sweater, chino and stylish Chelsea boots for a dressier look.

With its mid-thigh length, adjustable hood and two-way closure, it’s the ideal choice for winter outdoor activities, commuting, snowy days and winter hiking.

Equipped with hooks for easy hanging when wet, it’s also an excellent companion for car trips or commuting, offering a versatility that sets it apart as a modern alternative to traditional coats.

Whether worn with a toque, scarf and gloves for added warmth, or over a sport jacket, flannel shirt or sweater for a polished look, our parka ensures you’re always ready to face the cold in style.

Surmesur redefines outerwear with the parka, setting a new standard in winter fashion.

Quilted jacket

Quilted jacket

Quilted jackets are renowned for their casual, utilitarian appeal, typically sporting a medium to long length, a multitude of pockets and button or snap closures.

This jacket takes those classic features, but enriches them with a whole new level of insulation technology, making it your ultimate winter companion.

In the world of sporty options that rival the classic parka, our quilted jacket shines with adjustable drawcords at the waist. A clever innovation for those seeking an optimal, made-to-measure fit.

It discreetly conceals a hidden hood, ready to pop up when the weather turns unpredictable.

With its four outside pockets with flaps and snap fasteners, plus two inside pockets secured by zippers, it harmoniously balances practicality and security.

What makes it a must-have in your wardrobe is its innovative storm flap feature on the top closure, a testament to its unwavering commitment to protecting you from high winds and inclement weather.

Like our parka, this creation features eco-friendly insulation made from fibers derived from recycled bottles or NATIVA-certified wool. Not only does it ensure comfortable lightness, it also provides warmth on par with traditional goose down. Made from water-repellent wool, it guarantees a carefree, serene day.

Style Advice

Style Advice

The quilted field jacket pairs effortlessly with a simple T-shirt and jeans for a casual, refined look.

Alternatively, it can be worn to impress when paired with a cozy sweater, fitted chino and a pair of sturdy boots.

With its above-the-knee length, adjustable hood and thoughtful pocket placement, it confidently tackles winter outdoor escapades, commutes, snowy adventures and seasonal travel.

This military-inspired marvel features a stand-up collar, embodying the essence of functionality and fashion, offering all the benefits of a parka without the extra length.

To clarify the question of length, it’s worth noting that quilted jackets are generally known for their versatility, ranging from medium to long in length. In this case, we offer an option that favours an above-the-knee length, to provide a more agile alternative without sacrificing comfort or warmth. This allows you to choose a length that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Safari jacket

Safari jacket

Imagine a lightweight, breathable jacket with multiple pockets and a front button fastening, enhanced by a tie belt to emphasize the waist, structured shoulder pads and a shirt-style collar.

Our safari jacket is made from pure Italian wool or cashmere, with each feature adaptable to your personal preferences.

Whether it’s for an autumn stroll or a stylish day at the office, this jacket is not only versatile and fashion-forward, its also offers comfort and timeless style.

From the Cuban collar to the front pockets, every element is customizable to reflect your unique style.

Style Advice

Style Advice

To wear this safari jacket in an elegant, contemporary way, we recommend pairing it with fitted chino pants and a lightweight linen shirt.

Add a pair of brown leather shoes and a matching belt for a sophisticated look.

For a finishing touch, opt for minimalist accessories, such as a classic watch or silk scarf.



This jacket features a front zipper, the primary method of closure for zipped quilted jackets, allowing you to put it on and take it off in a flash, while easily regulating temperature.

The zipper is often concealed by a flap or snap tab for extra protection against the wind.

Jackets have a rich history, dating back to the military’s need for rugged, functional clothing, especially for pilots and soldiers.

Over time, these utilitarian pieces were adopted by the counter-culture and rock’n’roll icons of the 1950s and 1960s, such as James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Today, they have become versatile fashion items, with variations ranging from leather models to more urban styles, representing a fusion of function and style.

Whatever the occasion, this jacket guarantees a flawless look.

Style Advice

Style Advice

For a chic, trendy look with your jacket, there are plenty of options.

For a more sophisticated look, opt for beige chino pants, a light blue cotton shirt and brown leather shoes.

Finally, for an evening out with friends, the jacket will pair perfectly with black jeans, a neutral wool sweater and leather ankle boots, complemented by a scarf and beanie for a complete winter look.

Whatever the occasion, your jacket will be the focal point of your wardrobe, adapting to many different styles.

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