Surmesur has been handpicked to dress the hosts of Occupation Double this season. Our commitment to sartorial excellence and tailored style will be prominently showcased on Quebec’s television. 

Surmesur X Occupation Double

Picture the glow of the spot, the adrenaline of riveting moments, and the sleek elegance of Occupation Double Andalusia’s hosts. This season, we take immense pride in stepping into the pivotal role of the official attire provider. 

Each outfit you’ll witness throughout the season has been meticulously tailored to mirror each host’s distinct personality while embodying Surmesur’s sophisticated aesthetic.

 This season’s backdrop? The mesmerizing landscapes of Andalusia, Spain.

This partnership epitomizes a union of talent, elegance, and authenticity

Frédérick Robichaud: Heating Things Up!

Frédérick Robichaud: Heating Things Up!

Hailing from Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, 25-year-old Frédérick Robichaud grew up amidst a loving sibling group of six, surrounded by his five sisters. In 2017, he became the visionary founder of FJ Watches & Jewelry, a Quebec City icon, passionately devoted to watches and jewelry with an unmistakable Montreal flair.

Today, Frédérick stands as the fresh face of Quebec’s reality TV, succeeding Jay du Temple, the show’s iconic host since 2016. This season’s backdrop? The mesmerizing landscapes of Andalusia, Spain.

By his side, the talented Alicia Moffet, the crown jewel of The Next Star’s 2013 season. With a series of hit songs and her notable stint on La Voix in 2015, this Quebecoise diva continually dazzles the stage.

One thing’s for sure: In 2021, Frédérick’s unparalleled charisma captivated the die-hard fans of Occupation Double dans l’Ouest, underlining his magnetic presence and undeniable rapport with viewers. Together, these two personalities ensure a sparkling season and the most stylishly curated one to date!

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

Never ones to do things by half measures, we’re kicking off with a bang by introducing the monochrome green ensemble from the latest trend lineup. Designed for the modern city dweller, this unique and exclusive set marries boldness with finesse.

A glossy khaki green dominates the outfit, a both an understated and distinct colour, it steps away from the conventional and echoes the refinement of today’s urban trends. Prominent on the shirt’s front, a large pocket situates itself on the chest, offering functional flair.

Yet, it’s the pyjama collar that infuses this whole outfit with uniqueness.  Following the flourishing trends in Japan and South Korea, the collar lends a relaxed touch to the outfit, nodding to the blend between formal and leisure wear. 

In her double-breasted suit dress, Alicia Moffet seamlessly merged retro nuances with contemporary flair, redefining fashion benchmarks. Without a doubt, this ensemble is poised to become the next wardrobe staple.

Heading to the red carpet

Tune into Noovo for the red carpet event on September 17th, which makes the opening of Occupation Double Andalusia. Stay tuned for nice outfits, and accentuate the already magnetic allure of the show.

Look 1

Look 1

The eagerly anticipated new season of Occupation Double kicked off on Sunday, September 17th on Noovo, and what an introduction! At this red carpet event, filled with twists and turns – one detail especially caught our eye at Surmesur: Fred’s impeccable attire.

Under the spotlights, Fred stood out, dressed in a made-to-measure suit. This piece, in a golden beige linen suit, is elevated by a sharp peak lapel and a distinguished double-breasted design,  with a slightly oversized fit making the whole look feel grounded and modern.

The meticulous attention to every facet of this ensemble accentuated Fred’s silhouette while ensuring the most comfort and ease of movement.

Each week, Fred presents us with a blank canvas to showcase our artistry and passion. It’s a true delight for us to enhance his distinctive style. Stay tuned: we’re eager to reveal the ensemble he’ll be donning on September 24th. Join us on this sartorial journey!

First Elimination Night

First Elimination Night

Every Sunday, we all look forward to Fred’s next outfit. And he never disappoints. This week, he dazzled us with an on-trend yet timeless choice: an earthy brown linen suit.

Brown, a soft, organic colour, captures the essence of the transition from warm summer to cool autumn.

But let’s go deeper into the details of this impeccable look. The double-breasted buttoning adds a touch of sophistication and structure while remaining resolutely modern. The subtle yet elegant chest pocket is the perfect place to slip in sunglasses or a stylish pocket square. And the sharp peak lapel? This is where design charm meets fine detail. It offers a distinct touch that sets this jacket apart from the rest.

For those looking to enhance their wardrobe with pieces that are both dynamic and timeless, this look is an inspiration. It proves that style and comfort can coexist and that the transition between seasons can be seamless.

If you’d like to recreate this look or discover others, we’re here to guide you.

Nuptial Brilliance

Nuptial Brilliance

We are delighted to see how seamlessly our creations fit into the show’s dynamics and align beautifully with the Sunday evening themes. This week, under the wedding theme, Fred dazzled us by donning our oversized white suit, drawing inspiration from European street wear.

The white suit stands out due to its boldness. By choosing an oversized fit, Fred made a daring stylistic statement. Although this cut might seem somewhat bulky, it accentuates his figure, hinting at a relaxed elegance while remaining sophisticated. The single fastening emphasizes this simplicity, bringing a distinctly contemporary touch.

The classic collar gives the outfit a lovely balance between tailoring tradition and modernity, making it perfect for moments when you want to make an impression without going overboard.

Beyond their practical aspect, they add a pleasant dimension to the look, reminiscent of the trends seen on the streets of major European cities.

A Teal Treasure

A Teal Treasure

The teal treasure from Surmesur is a symphony of style that doesn’t whisper; it speaks loud and clear!

With its broader cut, the suit’s chest pocket adds a touch of classic finesse, while the side pockets bring in a hint of modern functionality.

This isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a vibe, a mindset, a declaration. Dive into this dynamic ensemble and turn every street into a runway.

It’s time to let your sartorial statement roar!

A Modern day Adonis

A Modern day Adonis

Fred made a remarkable appearance at the last elimination night. He was dressed in a suit that seemed to have come straight out of a midnight blue dream.

The fine stripes running along the fabric added a touch of mischief, playing hide-and-seek with admiring glances.

The classic notch lapel gave a hint of seriousness, while the pockets, one on the chest and another horizontal on the front, brought the necessary touch of nonchalance required for any stylish man.

But the real tour de force of this suit lies in how it sculpts Fred’s silhouette as if his body were carved out of Olympic marble, all finesse and power.

A masterpiece signed by Surmesur proving once again that elegance lies in the details.

A masterpiece signed by Surmesur that once again proves that elegance lies in the details.

A Classic Revisited

A Classic Revisited

Behind the scenes of elegance, there’s always a story – and this Sunday, November 5, Fred’s from Occupation Double is woven into the fabric of a loose-fitting black suit.

The sharp peak lapel carves out an imposing silhouette, worthy of a host, while the double-breasted design revisits the classic black suit, adding an original twist.

Far from monotonous, this ensemble is a declaration of style that blends seriousness with casualness.

It allows Fred to flirt with relaxation, taking the traditional into new realms and experiencing fashion as an extension of his individuality.

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