Nestled on the scenic periphery of Montreal’s island, lies a venue that defines the perfect interplay of modern sophistication and raw industrial charm.

Industrial Meet Classic

Industrial Meet Classic

At Surmesur, we believe in celebrating unique blends, both in fashion and in life.

As the sun’s ethereal rays dappled across this modern-industrial marvel, it illuminated the truth that even seemingly contrasting styles, when married with creativity, can create a harmonious and breathtaking spectacle.

This amalgamation is not just architectural; it’s a story of love, passion, and timeless elegance, embodied by a real-life couple whose chemistry radiated with every captured moment.

Unforgettable Venue

Perched on the tranquil green landscapes of a golf course, the venue is a beacon of modern design amidst nature.

It presents an ideal backdrop, where urban industrial vibes seamlessly blend with the pure, serene surroundings. 

Imagine polished concrete meeting verdant fairways, the clash of steel and brick against the soft murmur of distant waterways – it’s a dreamscape that’s both trendy and timeless.

Timeless in Colours and Style

Timeless in Colours and Style

Inspired by the venue, the team envisaged a theme that’s eternally voguish. 

As the couple basked in their love, it was evident that a palette of timeless colours and an enduring style was the way forward.

Whether it’s a sharply tailored suit, a flowing bridal gown, or the decor that festooned the venue – every element echoed a chic blend of the contemporary and the classic.


A Groom's Sartorial Choice

A Groom's Sartorial Choice

Central to our tale of love and elegance was the groom’s impeccable taste in attire. Adorned in a resplendent green 3-piece suit, he was the embodiment of modern sophistication

The peak lapel added a touch of vintage charm, reminiscent of the golden era of menswear, while a floral pocket square injected a playful, contemporary twist.

It wasn’t just a suit; it was a statement – a testament to the fact that when tradition meets innovation, the result is nothing short of spectacular.

This ensemble, curated with meticulous attention to detail, reinforced Surmesur’s ethos: merging timeless classics with the fresh flair of the present.

A Symphony of Styles

A Symphony of Styles

At the heart of this wedding narrative was the proof that diverging styles can not only coexist but thrive in complementing splendour.

If a secluded golf course can host an architectural wonder that’s both modern and industrial, then surely, our sartorial choices can also reflect an eclectic mix that stands the test of time.

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